Alexis O'Neil is a dancer/singer/actress/stage manager/choreographer based out of New York City/New Jersey. She just graduated with BFA in Music Theatre and a Dance minor and a Business minor from Colorado Mesa University. She has also trained at CAP21 Conservatory's Summer Professional Music Theatre Training Program. She is trained in Elizabethan acting, Dialects, Acting Styles, Music Theatre Techniques, Stage Combat (SAFD certified in Knife and Unarmed), Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Hip-Hop and Ballroom. 

When she is not working herself to the bone, she likes to bake, write poems, and play fighting games. She also loves to dive head first into novels like Harry Potter or Treasure Island. She has traveled much of USA in her life, but she would love to travel the world. Cage diving with saltwater crocodiles in Australia or eating crepes by Notre Dame are just some of the many experiences she wishes to have in her life.